when-issued ( WI)
New securities issues announced by the issuer but not yet sold or issued. Securities may be purchased or sold on a when-issued basis. Such trades are negotiated on a yield basis since price cannot be determined until the coupon rate is known. Price is usually calculated for delivery on the date of issue. Many U.S. Treasury securities are actively traded on a when-issued basis. Some corporate and municipal issues are also purchased on a when-issued basis. Purchasing or selling when-issued securities is a legitimate and acceptable practice that should not be confused with the related practice of when-issued trading. When-issued securities trading is the practice of agreeing to buy an about-to-be-issued security on or after the announcement of an offering and then selling the security before the date on which the securities are issued and must be paid for. Such transactions are regarded as trading activities by the banking regulators. American Banker Glossary

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when-issued when-ˈissued abbreviation WI adjective [only before a noun] FINANCE
when-issued shares and bonds have been planned and agreed but not yet made available officially, and unofficial trading in them has begun:

• The company rolled out two new when-issued stocks, providing shareholders with a choice of investing in either the company's steel or oil operations.

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when-issued UK US adjective [before noun] (WRITTEN ABBREVIATION WI) STOCK MARKET
relating to shares and bonds that have official permission to be bought and sold but are not yet officially available for sale, although unofficial trade has begun: »

Stock of the new company will begin trading tomorrow on a when-issued basis.


These bonds fetched 6.56% in when-issued trading yesterday.


A when-issued market is used to help price some stocks before they are issued to investors.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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